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Den italienska måltiden
Den italienska måltiden
Benvenuti a Appetito
Benvenuti a Appetito

The Italian dinner

With a wide range of the best of Italian hot & cold cuisine and with a wine, beer and grappa selection that beats most, we take you on a food and drink journey to the "land of the sun" A classic Italian meal is never rushed. It lasts for many hours and consists of many smaller dishes that are enjoyed together with loved ones in their specific order. Antipasto, primo-piatto, secondo-piatto, formaggi e dolci. There is also no such thing as "Italian cuisine", but each region has its own special dishes. You are not first and foremost Italian, do not speak Italian or eat Italian food.You are Piedmontese, Tuscan, Sicilian, etc. and speak their local dialect (language) and eat the food of their region. But they have one thing in common... one lives to eat and does not eat to live.Italian food the Italian way is slow food at its best Welcome to Appetito and buon appetito!



Lunch, evening and in you cabin

The italian dinner

A small dictionary for meal culture

Italiensk måltidsglädje
Italiensk måltidsglädje
Att leva för att äta eller äta för att leva
Att leva för att äta eller äta för att leva
The italian dinner!

A traditional Italian meal is never rushed. It lasts for many hours and consists of many smaller dishes, which are enjoyed together with loved ones.

​The meal in Italy has five parts that all fulfill a function and are a whole, so the meal consists of at least four dishes, often more.


Antipasti: The start of the meal usually consists of something cold-cut or marinated, a wonderful warm-up for the stomach before all the evening's dishes.

Primo-piatto: First hot, or real, course of the meal. This is where the pasta and risotto dishes (the carbohydrates) come in. However, these are not traditionally served as a main course, but have the same quantity and function as potatoes in Sweden. The pasta is thus not a "Vasalopp portion" but a mid-course

Secondo-piatto: Second hot course in the meal. This is where meat, fish and poultry dishes (the proteins) come in. This is also a mid-course meal, without heavy side dishes.

Formaggi: The cheese is a natural rounding off of a long delicious meal as the basic cheese helps the body with the acids from the food, good for the stomach and good for the teeth.

Dolci: The sweet is just like for all of us, a piece of the goodness of life. There are many classics such as tiramisù, Panna-cotta, Semifreddo, Gelato, etc. Choose and enjoy, the good things of life!


Benvenuti e buon appetito

Welcome and tasty meal